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Leadership Series  

UW Tacoma offers a series of courses designed specifically to help new and experienced leaders succeed in the workplace. Click on a category or a course title to read more about it.

Getting Unstuck: Strategies to Repair Trust Within Your Organization (7 hours) NEW!

Trust permeates relationships. When there is trust within groups, information flows and issues can be resolved easier. These are core ingredients in fostering a healthy organizational culture. However, when groups experience low trust or a violation of trust, it can be very disruptive to team performance and it can last for years if left unresolved. So, how can teams work through it? This session will provide you with practical strategies and research-based tools for strengthening relationships and repairing trust that you apply at the team or organization level. Join Dr. Wendy Fraser as she does a deep dive into her research on building trust.

Leadership Essentials (40 hours)

Prerequisite: None. A great place to start if you have just been promoted into a leadership position or have been a supervisor/manager for a while and would like to explore and add some tools to your toolbox. This course provides an opportunity for leaders to work on and develop their own style while adding some techniques for staff development. This course meets the prerequisite for 40 hours of supervisory training required in the Certified Public Manager. Click on the course title below for a detailed description of this course.

Kathleen Cooper, Leadership Essentials

"This course came along at exactly the right time. The combination of the instruction and the camaraderie with the other people in the class made a world of difference to me. I gained valuable perspective on some issues I was facing, as well as practical tools to help me keep a strong vision and not get lost "in the weeds" of the daily work. The week after the class concluded -- and the same day the cohort was gathering to celebrate -- I learned I had been promoted into a director position at my organization. This is the next-to-highest position one can earn. The leader of my organization and her deputy, who promoted me, said I earned the promotion after recognizing I needed leadership training, seeking it out on my own, and implementing what I learned. They said they saw a major difference in me, and a growth and new confidence. That's all due to this class. Thank you again for your advocacy for this course, and I hope there are others in a series like this."

Kathleen Cooper George, Leadership Essentials Winter 2018

The OD Toolkit: Aligning the Organization for Results (7 hours) NEW!

Organization Development (OD) is geared toward improving performance through strategic engagement of the people in your workplace. This course is an introduction to OD that helps leaders, and those tasked with creating change, improving processes or managing projects, align their organizations and effectively engage employees toward better outcomes. Participants will look at their situations through an OD lens and have an opportunity to begin strategically planning for success.

2020 Certified Public Manager® Program (303 hours)

Prerequisite: 40 hours of supervisory training and supervisory/program management experience. APPLICATION REQUIRED. The University of Washington Tacoma Certified Public Manager® Program (CPM) is a nationally accredited, comprehensive leadership and management development program for public managers and supervisors from all government levels. Washington State joins the more than 37 other states who belong to the National CPM Consortium, which establishes the accreditation requirements. The Certified Public Manager® Program is designed to create thoughtful practitioners who apply practical managerial techniques to address public-sector challenges. This 303 hour program (includes 40 hours of prerequisite training, a 10-hour Leadership Development Project and a 50-hour Capstone Project) is designed to be completed in twelve months. This cohort will complete the requirements to become Lean Six Sigma Green Belts this year as part of the curriculum. Read more about this program...


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