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A series of advanced workshops designed for the Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt practitioner who wants to increase knowledge in skills in a particular area.

Fall 2018

LEAN WORKSHOP: VALUE STREAM MAPPING - Value Stream Mapping is a team-based process improvement technique used to evaluate and document current processes and design and generate a plan for a desired future state. This in-depth course is designed for Lean Six Sigma coaches, managers and leaders seeking a more structured approach to transforming and improving processes in a wide range of businesses and organizations.

LEAN WORKSHOP: COMMUNICATING WITH DATA USING TABLES, CHARTS AND GRAPHS - Prerequisite: Ability to create and format Excel spreadsheets and create basic formulas. Learn a simple, practical approach for displaying data graphically with simple tables and charts for the purposes of analyzing, communicating, planning, reporting and decision making. This course taught in a computer lab, uses hands-on practice creating Pie, Bar, Pareto, and Line charts using variety of Excel data sources. Seminar practice data and examples come from a wide range of public sector organizations including federal, state, department, municipality, etc.

Winter 2019

LEAN WORKSHOP: UNDERSTANDING DATA - APPLIED STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL (SPC) - Prerequisite: Ability to create and format Excel spreadsheets with basic formulas. Learn a simple and practical approach for gaining insight, understanding and knowledge from the study of process behavior. Analyze and interpret process variation to enhance, meaningful and sustained improvements process performance. Find ways to use data to close the organization’s performance gap between what it wants (Should Be State) and what it’s currently getting (As Is State). This is not a seminar on statistics and no major math calculations are required. All exercises and case studies will be completed using Excel templates.

Spring 2019

KAIZEN WORKSHOP LEADER - Prerequisite: UW Tacoma LSS Green Belt or work experience as a Lean Continuous Improvement practitioner. Kaizen Events are a rapid focused team effort to improve the performance of a process. Kaizen Events are also known as Accelerated Involvement Workshops (AIW's), Kaizen Blitz, Improvement Workshops or Rapid Improvement Workshops (RIW's). They are short 1-5 day projects with a specific process improvement goal in mind that focus on improving cost, quality, delivery, speed, flexibility and responsiveness to internal/external customer needs. Teams are made up of staff directly involved in the process with a few added support or management members. Topics include pre- and post-event work, event fundamentals, choosing the Lean Six Sigma tools, defining roles, and hands on facilitation practice. This course is recommended for Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts, Lean Practitioners, Project Leaders, Organizational Improvement Teams, Department Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, and Kaizen Event Team Participants.


Value Stream Mapping
Course #: 19FTLN002A-EV
Instructor: Nathan Navarro Fee: $799.00
Contact Hours /CEU's   Day(s)
of Week:
  Dates: Times:
16 Hours / 1.6 CEU's   M W   12/9/2019-12/18/2019 5:00 PM-9:00 PM
Building/Room: Everett Best Western Cascadia Inn, Enchantment

Materials included.


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