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Supervisor's Toolkit   

This class can be offered to groups onsite or on campus.  For more information, or to discuss your customized training needs please contact Dr. Anita Ricker: or 423-798-7953.


Part 1: Leading People provides the foundation for influencing today’s employees and deals with such topics as motivating and energizing them, reducing turnover, enhancing productivity, and balancing work/life.

 Part 2: Different Strokes fine tunes these insights to acknowledge differences among employees, such as abilities and personalities, but concentrates on three issues of special relevance in today’s workplace: diversity, four generations at work, and employees with disabilities.

Part 3: Leader Effectiveness teaches the communication skills leaders need to influence or guide. You will learn how to provide positive and constructive feedback, inquire, and listen.

Part 4: Optimizing Contributions unlocks the application of the skills in Part 3 and other skills to guide employees by diagnosing performance problems, coaching marginal and good employees, mentoring the great ones, and building team.

Part 5: Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness teaches additional skills needed by leaders to interact with others in the workplace and to deal with life challenges in general. Participants will learn how to alleviate job burnout, stay on top of stress, maintain a positive attitude, become more assertive, deal with difficult people, manage anger, and rise to the challenge of change.

Part 6: Eliminating Conflict addresses two of the most significant barriers to an effective workplace – harassment and violence


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