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The Division of Workforce Training provides real world training solutions, where, when and how you need it! We offer a wide-variety of comprehensive training solutions in Allied Health, Computer Applications Technology, Business Management and Leadership, Soft Skills, Industrial Maintenance, Youth Programs, Welding, and Apprenticeships. These are offered at one of our convenient campus locations or can be customized to offer onsite for your employees. So whether your learning needs are for an individual or business, Walters State Community College is your one-stop solutions provider. We offer customer-focused solutions for pre-employment assessment services, business services, and workforce development. > Youth Programs > Archery


Discover your inner-strength as you learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Archery offers a sense of control, camaraderie and competition; with patience and practice it can turn into a life-long hobby. Learn form, techniques and skills needed to begin your archery adventure.  The students shoot at bulls-eye targets placed in front of an arrow resistant net.  The core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, core strengthening, physical fitness and self-improvement which is necessary in order to participate in and enjoy the sport of archery as a lifetime activity.