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Cross Connection Control: Applications & Procedures with Exam Preparation   

This workshop will help prepare water system employees who are ready to become certified as a Cross Connection Specialist and to operate a Public Water System Cross-Connection Control Program. The workshop will train students to apply principals of Cross-Connection Control and hydraulics and to provide them with knowledge of the regulations that the Cross-Connection Specialist must understand to effectively operate the Public Water Systems Cross-Connection Control Program. Learn how to properly evaluate customers' water uses, to categorize the various water uses based on the degree of health hazard and the hydraulics conditions, and to determine requirements for installation of backflow prevention assemblies. Learn to evaluate the testing of backflow prevention assemblies and to review report forms submitted by certified Backflow Assembly Testers. Workshop includes an extended section on testing Backflow Prevention Assemblies for Quality Assurance/Quality control.

2.8 CEU

Meets WA Department of Health Relevancy Criteria for Waterworks Operator Professional Growth.


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