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Basic Electrical   

Electricity is the indispensable power source for water and wastewater systems. Participants in this course will learn how electricity is produced and distributed, and how to apply fundamental electrical, AC and DC theory to the operation of water and wastewater facility operation and control. Students will build a working series and parallel circuit, including the addition of relay logic. Students will identify and use test meters, learn how to trace electrical systems by identifying and interpreting electrical symbols, and will pick up vital safety and troubleshooting information they can apply immediately.

This is a hands-on workshop and enrollment is limited.

2.1 CEU

Meets WA Department of Health Relevancy Criteria for Waterworks Operator Professional Growth.
Meets WA Department of Ecology Criteria for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and will earn Wastewater CEU.

Note: If you have one, please bring a Digital Multi-Meter.

NOTE: This class historically had two names: "Basic Electrical" and "Electricity Basics for W/WW Personnel." If you have previously taken the "Electricity Basics for W/WW Personnel" class, you may receive partial CEU for "Basic Electrical" class.


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