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Wastewater Laboratory   

This three-day workshop provides the hands-on opportunity to learn the laboratory tests required by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.
Participants will learn how to collect and preserve samples. They will practice setting up equipment and running the tests to the exacting standards required by WDOE and USEPA. They will calculate, analyze and report test results for BOD, DO, TSS, Fecal Coliform, pH and temperature.
Included in the class, students will receive an up-to-date Laboratory Procedures Manual, based on Standard Methods, that can be adapted to their own facility. The manual includes complete, easy-to-understand steps for each analytical procedure and includes safety, quality assurance/quality control information. It also contains templates for bench sheets to help with calculating results and reporting data for each test.

2.1 CEU.

Meets WA Department of Ecology Criteria for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and will earn Wastewater CEU.


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