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Fire Hydrants Installation, Testing, Operation and Repair   

Only properly selected, installed, tested, inspected and maintained fire hydrants stand ready to save lives and protect property. This 2-day course provides vital details on how to select and inspect hydrant installations for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Review different types of hydrants and see the internal components of center-stem and scissor hydrants, how they fit together and how they work. Learn straightforward, step-by-step procedures to install, operate, test, maintain and repair common types of hydrants. Get practical information you can use right away to set up and maintain hydrant records and track flow tests, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

This workshop provides detailed troubleshooting guides and demonstrations of safe inspection and repair tasks for several types of hydrants.

1.4 CEU.

Meets WA Department of Health Relevancy Criteria for Waterworks Operator Professional Growth.


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