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Essays of Montaigne   

Over a period of 20 years, Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) wrote a myriad of essays spanning such topics as education, death, dying, torture, friendship, imagination, solitude, skepticism, inconstancy, vanity, witchcraft, love, sex, politics, and more. In this class, we will read and discuss the most important of his essays, seeing which of his ideas remained constant and which evolved over time. By the end, you’ll have discovered how Montaigne epitomizes Renaissance secular thinking and heralds the modern world.

  • Essays of Montaigne 
  • ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS CLASS IS CLOSED. Please call us at 509-527-4331 to see if registration is still available.
  • Fee: $109.00
    Dates: 1/10/2024 - 3/13/2024
    Times: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Days: W
    Sessions: 10
    Room: MAIN BLDG (D) Classroom 220
    Instructor: Pat Henry

     Show Description

    Required texts: de Montaigne, Michel. The Complete Essays of Montaigne. Stanford University Press, 1958. ISBN: 9780804704861). 


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