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Health & Wellness   

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  • Neurographs for Peace of Mind NEW!
  • Fee: $69.00
    Dates: 7/2/2024 - 8/6/2024
    Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Days: Tu
    Sessions: 6
    Room: MAIN BLDG (D) Art Room 117
    Seats Available: 20 out of 20

     Show Description

    Required Materials: 

    • First session of class: black ballpoint pen; white paper.
    • Later sessions: 9" x 12" mixed media sketchbook (120 sheets); paint brushes of various sizes; container for water; watercolor paint tray; black permanent markers (fine point and standard tip). 


  • Ballroom Dance NEW!
  • ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS CLASS IS CLOSED. Please call us at 509-527-4331 to see if registration is still available.
  • Fee: $99.00
    Dates: 3/27/2024 - 6/5/2024
    Times: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    Days: W
    Sessions: 11
    Room: REC CNTR (W) Studio 2303
    Instructor: Sarah Bro, Chad Bro, Susan Todd

     Show Description

    This quarter, we will learn Bachata, Nightclub Two Step, and Salsa. 

    Wear comfortable clothing, including shoes that are both clean and suitable for dancing. (Nothing that grips the floor too much, like sneakers or work boots, and nothing that could damage the floor, like high and/or pointed heels.) Bare socks will work, but are less ideal. 



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