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WELLNESS: Radiesthesia — The Art of the Pendulum   NEW!

This course emphasizes the practical use of the pendulum in maintaining a state of health and determining the underlying causes of dis-ease. The ancient art of the pendulum now called Radiesthesia, or Psionic, opens many new fields of research, and when learned correctly can be an invaluable source of self-help. The proper use of the pendulum can determine many conditions in the body which no other tests will show. The pendulum can guide one to lessen or eliminate states of imbalance, using natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies. With Radiesthesia the pendulist can determine the need for vitamins, minerals, and supplements, also which remedies, and dosage to use when ill.

You should also know that it is illegal to “diagnose” or “prescribe”. These terms are copyrighted by the American Medical Association. When you are working with clients as a pendulist and discover a serious dis-ease, rebalance the flow of energy and refer them to their medical doctor for follow up. In this course you will learn the correct terminology to use when working with clients.

(This class is conducted via Zoom technology! You'll receive instructions and a secure Zoom link prior to the class beginning. PLEASE NOTE: This class is not intended as a replacement for credit classes on the subject, as it does not wholly reproduce any existing credit class. If you are looking for a credit-level course on a similar subject, please contact the registrar's office at 928-717-7777.)


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