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COOKING: Wine Tasting 101    NEW!

Let’s taste wine together! This introductory course will cover essential knowledge for appreciating wine and provide a foundation for diving into the world of wine. We will cover the basics of how wine is made, from work that is done in the vineyard to all of the important choices that winemakers can make in the cellar. We will discuss the characteristics of the most common grape varieties in the world, explore where and how they grow and their distinct attributes.

We will also cover the fundamentals of tasting wine, learning about color, aromas, and texture. Principles of pairing wines with food and smart wine buying practices will also be woven in throughout the course. Students will leave with a fundamental understanding of the world of wine, ready to take their wine appreciation to the next level.

Taught in person at the Sedona Center (4215 Arts Village Dr, Sedona).



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