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How to Write    NEW!

You have the itch to write your book but it isn’t happening. Yours could be a children’s story, a who-done-it, a how-to, a biography, or a family history. What’s keeping you from starting is probably a combination of good ole’ procrastination arising out of the uncertainty of how to proceed and create a manuscript others will want to read. Problem solved: take this enrichment course and you will be able to jump into the project armed with the writing tools and confidence to see it through. Your instructor, Tom Paul Fox, is a successful Indie publisher who has distilled the basic tips and techniques of better writing into easy-to-understand lessons which he has been teaching in workshops and classes for years. As a bonus, each presentation is supported by Helpful Handouts for your reference. Now is the time to take this all-important step to make YOUR story a reality.

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