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How To Take Better Photos of Friends, Family and Nature or Landscapes – Part 2 of 2    NEW!

In this course, we will review some topics from Introduction to Digital Photography and address any questions you may have. We will discuss Portrait and Landscape mode and how they are used when talking a photo. Using an on-camera and off- camera flash. We will talk about the benefits of shooting in RAW vs JPEG and why it is important to understand both formats. We will cover photo file management and why it is important in digital photography. We will talk about Lightroom and Photograph and alternatives. 

The second part of the class you will participate in a class project, taking portraits of each other to get the best image possible. You will learn about landscape photography and working with a tripod when shooting portraits and landscapes. And, finally the best way of taking photos of family members and animals.

Requirements: You have taken Introduction to Digital Photography, or you have a strong understanding of how to operate your camera. Pen and paper are suggested. Bring a functioning camera with a charged battery and a flash card. Bring a tripod, if you have one.


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