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Clothed and Costumed Figure Drawing   

Introducing a new drawing & painting course from animator and artist Leonardo Beltran. Watch as he teaches you how to draw folds & costumed figures. He teaches this course in various mediums including digital. You will learn how to draw the seven types of folds, how to draw various fabric textures and much more. In many art schools the emphasis is often on the nude form when in reality as a professional artist you are seldom called on to do that. Most of the time when you draw people they will be in clothing. This is an in-depth comprehensive course where Leo teaches you his approach on how to draw clothing and folds.

You will learn:

  • How to Draw Folds

  • How to Draw Clothes

  • Drawing the Seven Types of Folds:

  • Drop Folds, Diaper Folds, Zig-Zag Folds, Inert Folds, Half-Lock Folds, Pipe Folds and Spiral Folds

  • How to light fabric so that it appears realistic.

  • 2 minute, 5 minute & 10 minutes Gesture drawings

  • Drawing Folds Digitally

  • How to draw various fabrics


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