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More Edible & Delicious Science for Kids (Ages 10-14)  

This class is located in PRESCOTT VALLEY at the Mountain Institute Culinary Campus located at 2970 N Park Ave, Prescott Valley. Learn the science behind yummy, fun and healthy food. Each class includes cooking skills, food- environmental and nutrition science lessons. Students will learn safe use and handling of knives, fire, hot pans, food safety, and sanitation. This class covers: In this class, we will focus on: 1 Training the sense of taste and how to make things taste good. The Five Tastes Lunch. 2) The miracle of life: seeds, beans, grains, nuts; sprouts, flour. Biscuits, Bean Dip, Sprout Salad, Chickea Croutons. 3) Taste the browning effect: Peanut Butter, Roast Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, and Roasted Apples. 4) The science of eggs and flavor combining. Breakfast Tacos, Salsa, Crepes. A delicious lunch is part of the lesson. Students will assemble their own individual cookbook.


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