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OUTDOORS: Intro Camp/Fish (G: 6-8)  

Course description: Young outdoor enthusiasts in Grades 6-8 will be introduced to the art, joy, and science of camping and fishing. Students will learn and practice basic skills such as correct tent set-up, outdoor safety, campfire safety, and how to create a survival kit. They will also learn proper fishing pole rigging, fish species, and types of bait.

The Verde River and its diverse riparian habitat become the outdoor classroom and nature-based laboratory, as students take field trips to Dead Horse State Park to practice their wilderness camping and fishing skills.

Students will be introduced to the environmental best practice of Leave No Trace, emphasizing making a minimal human impact on the environment during outdoor recreation. Emergency preparedness will be covered under the STOP model (Stop, Think, Observe, Plan). Students will create a personal journal, logging daily entries about their outdoor experiences.

Cost: $180

Times: 8 classes, 9:00-11:30 am, M/W, 6/4-6/27



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