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Japanese Cuisine  

Japanese cooking can be easy and fun. Learn some simple techniques to use in your own kitchen. Hands-on instruction will make it enjoyable even for the basic beginner. Dishes will include gyoza (Japanese dumplings), temaki sushi, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), rolled egg, sakura mochi, tsukemono (Japanese pickles), miso soup, teriyaki chicken, yaki udon (Japanese fried noodles), seaweed salad, onigiri (Japanese rice balls), oyako donburi (chicken over rice) and satsuma imo chimaki (sweet potato and rice wrapped in bamboo leaves). There will be plenty of food samples to take home. All supplies and ingredients are included in tuition. Bring an apron, knives and cutting board.


Japanese Cuisine  Class already in session...
Item: FA18-134 Kim Adams
Bldg: Building 31
Rm: 102 Fee: $130.00
Sessions: 4 Sa