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WELLNESS: Traditional T'ai Chi Chuan  

Traditional T’ai Chi Chuan offers relaxation, balance, centering, and calmness of mind through a series of slow rhythmic movements. No harsh stretching or straining is employed in T’ai Chi Chuan, yet it is a wonderful all-around conditioner.

Instructor Blaine Harris has studied with some of the world's foremost practitioners of the art, allowing students access to world class forms and techniques.

18 hours of instruction (less than $10 per hour!) will include: Breathing, warm-ups and Chi Gong exercises, overview of Yang style form and basic philosophy.

No special equipment or clothing needs to be purchased for this course.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no class during the week of Thanksgiving, Session 2.


WELLNESS: Traditional T'ai Chi Chuan  Class already in session...
Item: VCE-WELL-001 Blaine Harris
Bldg: Sedona Center for Arts & Technology
Rm: 34 Fee: $95.00
Sessions: 12 Tu Th