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WELLNESS: T'ai Chi Chuan  

T’ai Chi Chuan offers relaxation, balance, centering, and calmness of mind through a series of slow rhythmic movements. No harsh stretching or straining is employed in T’ai Chi Chuan, yet it is a wonderful all-around conditioner.

Instructor Blaine Harris has studied with some of the world's foremost practitioners of the art, allowing students access to world class forms and techniques. Classes will include: Breathing, warm-ups and Chi Gong exercises, overview of Yang style form and basic philosophy.

No special equipment or clothing need be purchased for this course.


WELLNESS: T'ai Chi Chuan  Class already in session...
Item: VCE-9 Blaine Harris
Bldg: Sedona Center for Arts & Technology
Rm: 29 Fee: $100.00
Sessions: 12 M W