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College for Kids-Prescott

Spring online and phone registration begins December 14. Click here for the current course schedule.

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Fall 2015
Spring 2016
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Active Isolated Stretching
Active Isolated Stretching: Assisted
Altered Books
Amazing Fiber Arts
Animals in Spirit: Making the Connection
Arizona History Lecture Series
Beer Appreciation
Beginning Defensive Pistol Shooting
Belly Dance for Beginners – Egyptian Style
Billiards: An Introduction
Birding: An Introduction
Buy and Sell on eBay
Caio Italia!
Cartooning Carnival
Chi-Lel (Zhineng) Qigong: Level 1
Chinese Brush Painting
Chocolate! Chocolate!
Civil War Relived through Personal History
Collage Gone Wild
Color for Your Life
Computer Fundamentals: Excel Beyond the Basics, Level 2
Computer Fundamentals: Excel Beyond the Basics, Level 3
Computer Fundamentals: Excel Introduction, Level 1
Computer Fundamentals: Internet and Email Basics
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers,
Level 3
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers, Level 1
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers, Level 2
Computer Fundamentals: Operating System (OS) Basics (Windows 10 and Earlier)
Computer Fundamentals: Organizing Your Files
Computer Fundamentals: WordPress Basics
Computers: Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows: An Introduction
Cooking Easy Thai Food
Cooking: Introduction to Indian Cooking
Cooking: Kitchen Skills for Everyone!
Cooking: Mediterranean Way of Eating
Creating Children's Books
Creating Meaningful Retirement Years
Creating Papers for Collage
Developing "Extra Sensory" Perception: Accessing Your Natural Psychic Abilities
Digital Photography Series, Part 1: I've Got a Digital Camera, Now What?
Digital Photography Series, Part 2: "Photoshop Elements - The Next Step"
Digital Photography Series, Part 3: "Photo Elements-Practical Applications"
Digital Photography: Know Your Digital SLR Camera
Drawing to Paint
Drawing to Paint: Part 2
Dream Analysis
Earthing for Health
Education: Make Sense of STEM
Essential Oils: An Introduction
Essential Oils: Relax and Revitalize
Estate Planning 101: Essential Elements of a Complete Estate Plan
Exploring Spiritual Wisdom
Expressive Arts for Healing
Finding and Evaluating Genealogical Evidence
French I: Beginning
French I: Intermediate
French: Speak It!
Gardening: Edible Gardening in the High Country
Gardening: Mountain Gardening for Newcomers
German Conversation
German Conversation: Intermediate
Getting to Know Muslim Neighbors
Giving with Purpose: Charitable and Planned Giving Techniques Explained
Guidance through Tarot
Herbal Medicine Basics
Herbal Medicine Basics, Level 2
Holistic First Aid for Pets
Holistic Veterinary Care for Cats
Holistic Veterinary Care for the Aging Pet
Homeopathic Medicine: A Holistic View of Health with a Focus on Arizona Allergies
How to Be a Better Wine Consumer: Great Whites, Part 2
How to Be a Better Wine Consumer: Sparkling and Fortified Wines
Humor and Play
Italian: Fun for Travelers and Beginners
Japanese Language and Culture
Jewelry Design
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self Help, Level 1
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self Help, Level 2
Job Coaching Individuals with Documented Disabilities
Join a Hereditary Society
Keep It Simple! Retirement Planning and Investing Basics
Keep It Simple: An Introduction to Investing
Korean Language, History and Culture
Korean Language, History and Culture, Part 2
Ladies' Defensive Pistol Shooting
Leather Working and Tooling: Beginning
Leather Working and Tooling: Intermediate
Managing an Inheritance: Planning It, Getting It, Keeping It
Medicare & Long-Term Care Basics
Meditation for Health and Relaxation: Lift Your Life!
More of Tracing Your Roots
Mosaics 101
Mosaics 201
Native Peoples of the Southwest: The Colorado River
Native Peoples of the Southwest: The Mountain Pai
Native Peoples of the Southwest: The Northern Tribes
Native Peoples of the Southwest: The Southern Tribes
Native Peoples of Verde River Valley
Olde English Dance
Photoing Around!
Piano/Keyboard: Independent Study
Piano/Keyboard: Part 1
Piano/Keyboard: Part 2
Piano/Keyboard: Part 3
Poetry Writing for Adults
Qur'an: A Basic Understanding of the Koran
Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki III Advanced
Reiki Master/Teacher
Self-publish and Market Your Book
Self-Publishing: Everything You Need to Know
Social Media for Authors
Social Security and Retirement
Some Stories in the Bible and the Qur'an (Koran)
Special Needs: Brain Gym® 26 with Juggling
Special Needs: So You Want to Dance!
Special Needs: Watercolor and Mixed Media
Spiritual Practice
Stamp Carving
Surfing the Net for Your Ancestors
T'ai Chi Chih®: An Introduction
T'ai Chi Chih®: Part 2
Tablets: How to Use Effectively
Tai Chi for Overall Health
Tapping (EFT)
Tapping: More Practice (EFT-2)
The Biggest Aha! You'll Ever Have
The Chakras: Exploring Energy, Emotions and Illness
The Potter Compared to the Bible
Tracing Your Roots I
Trust Your Heart to Freedom
Understanding Annuities and Life Insurance
Understanding Birds of Prey
Understanding Investments
What Are You Thinking? (And Is It True?)
When Can I Retire?
Wise Women Gathering
Yoga: Chair Yoga
Yoga: Gentle Yoga for All Levels
Yoga: LifeForce® Yoga: Level 1
Yoga: LifeForce® Yoga: Level 2
Zentangle® (Meditative Art)
College for Kids-Verde
Community Education-Prescott
Community Education-Sedona
Community Education-Verde
EDventures - International
OLLI Prescott
OLLI Sedona
OLLI Verde
Professional Development
GED Preparation
Teacher Academy