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Course Catalog

Courses in this catalog are offered through UM's School of Extended & Lifelong Learning (SELL). To assist in searching this catalog, courses have been assigned to the categories listed below in the left column. Courses may be assigned to more than one category. Courses that have already taken place are not included in this catalog.

All Courses
Current SELL credit and non-credit courses.
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Apprentice-Level Beekeeping (Non-Credit)
BFIN 267 Real Estate Theory and Law
BIOB 191: Apprentice-Level Beekeeping (Credit)
BIOB 291: Journeyman-Level Beekeeping (Credit)
BIOB 391 Master-Level Beekeeping (Credit)
BIOB 494 Seminars in Ecology and Resource Management
BIOE 342 Field Ecology
BIOE 416 Alpine Ecology
BIOE 439 Stream Ecology
BIOE 440 Conservation Ecology
BIOE 451 Landscape Ecology
BIOE 453 Lake Ecology
BIOE 458 Ecology of Forests and Grasslands
C&I 555 Introduction to Project CRISS
C&I 555 Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports for Educators: MBI
C&I 555 Project CRISS Training of Trainers
C&I 555 Ratio and Proportional Reasoning: Implementing the Standards of Mathematical Practice
C&I 555: Montana Teacher Leaders in the Arts
COUN 495 Addictions Counseling, Motivational Interviewing and Groups
CP 588 Clay for the K-12 Classroom
CP 588 K-5 Arts Integration for Teachers
CULA 191 Tips for Teachers: Nutritional Cooking
DANC 391 Mountain Dance Festival
ECP 102 Wilderness First Aid
ECP 122 Wilderness First Responder
ECP 191 Emergency Medical Technician
ECP 191: Emergency Medical Procedures in HHP
ECP 331 Wilderness EMT
ECP 332 Emergency Medical Technician and Incident Management
EDU 491 Glacier National Park Teacher Workshop: Science & Culture
EDU 491 Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports for Educators: MBI
EDU 491 Teaching and Assessing English Language Learners
EDU 491 Western Montana August Institute
EDU 491 Wildland Fire Science: Teaching with the FireWorks Trunk
EDU 491: Google Apps for Education Online
ENST 391 Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies
ENST 391 Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies
ENST 391 Glacier Master Naturalist
ENST 395 Community & Conservation in the Northern Rockies
ENST 395 Environmental Ethics and Industrial Society
ENST 395 Field Ecology of Threatened and Endangered Species in the Northern Rockies
ENST 395 Field Studies of Climate Change in Montana
ENST 395 Field Studies: Community and Conservation Research Project
ENST 395 Public Lands Issues and Policy in Montana
ENST 395 Wildlife Policy and Rural Communities
ENST 398 Internship: Caribbean Ecosystem
ENST 398 Internship: Colorado Ecosystem
ENST 491 Environmental Service Learning
ENST 492 Independent Study (Caribbean)
ENST 492 Independent Study (Colorado)
ENT 557 The Holocaust and IEFA
GPHY 348 Environmental Geography of Central Montana
GPHY 348 Environmental Geography of the Northern Rockies
GPHY 348 Sustainability and Resilience in Montana
GPHY 395 Field Studies: Biogeography of Northwest Montana
GPHY 395 Field Studies: Sustainability and Agriculture
IRSH 103 Elementary Irish III
IRSH 202 Intermediate Irish II
Journeyman-Level Beekeeping (Non-Credit)
LSAT Peparation Course
Master-Level Beekeeping (Non-Credit)
Montana Brews Online Course
NASX 351 Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Northern Rockies
NASX 352 Montana's Indians: Relationships with the Land
NRSM 311 Community & Conservation in the Northern Rockies
NRSM 311 Conservation Biology in the Northern Rockies
NRSM 311 Field Studies: Restoration Ecology in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
NRSM 321 Field Studies of Energy Systems in Montana
NRSM 345 Watershed Dynamics
NRSM 346 Forests and Communities
NRSM 395 Community-Based Approaches to Wildlife Conservation
PHL 323 Ethics of Climate Change
PSCI 401: Nonprofit Human Resource Management
PTRM 355 Wilderness Medicine and Risk Management
PTRM 356 Wilderness Rescue and Survival Skills
Credit Courses
Non-Credit Courses
Beekeeping Certificate Program
Field Courses
Nonprofit Admin Online Program & Certificate
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Study Abroad Courses
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