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Courses listed in this catalog are offered through UM's School of Extended & Lifelong Learning. To assist in searching, courses are assigned various "categories," which are listed below in the left column. For example, All Courses is a list of both credit and non-credit courses. Credit Courses lists only courses available for academic credit through the University of Montana. Non-Credit Courses lists courses not available for academic credit. And so on. Courses may be listed in more than one category. Courses that have already taken place are not included in these lists.

You may select a category to view available courses, which will appear in the box on the right. You can then select a course to view detailed information such as the course description and how to register.

All Courses
This is a list of current courses offered through the Nonprofit Administration Online Program and Professional Certificate.
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PSCI 401: Human Resources
PSCI 403: Program Planning and Evaluation
PSCI 405: Advocacy and Public Policy
PSCI 406: Introduction to Board Management
PSCI 411: Grant Writing
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Beekeeping Certificate Program
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Nonprofit Admin Online Program & Certificate
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