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Course Catalog

Courses in this catalog are offered through UM's School of Extended & Lifelong Learning (SELL). To assist in searching this catalog, courses have been assigned to the categories listed below in the left column. Courses may be assigned to more than one category. Courses that have already taken place are not included in this catalog.

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Current SELL courses being offered for UM credits.
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BIOH 330: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
BMGT 493 International Experience: New Zealand
C&I 555 A Montana Reservation Reading, Math, and Media Road Trip
C&I 555 The Google Infused School: Implementing Tools that Promote Student Success
C&I 555: Mentoring the Beginning Teacher
C&I 555: Montana Teacher Leaders in the Arts
COUN 595 Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals
COUN 595: Counseling Children and Youth
COUN 595: Supervising and Mentoring School Counseling Interns
CSD 320: Phonological Development and Phonetics
CSD 345 Developmental Speech & Language Disorders
ECP 332: Emergency Medical Technician and Incident Management
EDU 491: Google Apps for Education Online
EDU 491: IEFA Book Club: The Dance House
EDU 491: Inclusion I: Foundation
EDU 491: Inclusion II: Strategies
EDU 491: Training Basics
ENST 391 Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies
ENST 391 Montana Master Naturalist Course
ENST 398 Internship: Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies
ENST 492 Independent Research Study: Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies
FORS 391 Outfitting and Packing
MBA 645 International Experience: New Zealand
MIS 260: Life and Health Insurance
MIS 261: Life Insurance
MIS 262: Health Insurance
MIS 263: Property and Casualty Insurance
MIS 264: Property Insurance
MIS 265: Casualty Insurance
MIS 266: Personal Lines Insurance
MUSI 491: Orff Music Workshops, Series IV
PSCI 403: Program Planning and Evaluation
PSCI 405 Advocacy and Public Policy
PSCI 411 Grant Writing
PSCI 460 Nonprofit Marketing and Social Media
PTRM 345X Sustainability: Humans, Business, Society and the Environment
PTRM 355: Wilderness Medicine and Risk Management
PTRM 356: Wilderness Rescue and Survival Skills
SW 472: Relational Development
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