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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Fall registration begins Monday, August 29, at 8:00 am. 

**Please Note:  Repeat classes will not have an "Add To Cart" button. Instead they will have a "Request This Class" button. This change allows us to give preference to students who have not taken the class previously. During the first week of registration, only the requests from students new to the class will be registered. Their registrations will be processed based on the day and time of their request. Requests from returning students will be waitlisted until the second week of registration. Starting with the second week of registration, any remaining seats will be allocated based on the date and time the student requested the class. The applicable classes are "Exploring the Universe from the UM Star Gazing Room" and "Understanding Color: How to See It, Mix It, and Use It". If you are interested in these classes, whether you have taken them in the past or not, make sure that you click on the "Request This Class" button and continue all the way through the checkout process. You will not be charged for the class until you are notified that you have been accepted into the class. If you have any questions, please call the MOLLI office at (406) 243-2905.**

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To register for a class, you must be signed in and have a current membership.  A MOLLI Membership is $20 annually and runs July 1 through June 30.  If it’s time to renew your membership, please do so prior to adding any classes to your shopping cart. When you are signed in, your name will appear above “Course Catalog.”

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