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> Youth > Summer Teen College Week Five: July 11-15

Build Your Own Voice!   

Today, almost one half of the world's population is 21 years old or younger. This incoming generation needs to learn how to stand up for their beliefs as well as the importance of standing up for those who cannot. This camp will educate, inspire and prepare these young changemakers to confidently state their opinions by preparing their arguments, researching their defense and controlling their nerves through practice and repetition. This class will introduce indigenous youth activists, youth public speaking award winners, and other important topics to the youth of today not usually covered in traditional education classrooms. Every day the students will choose a topic that is important to them or build off the previous day's topic. Working on presenting their thoughts and ideas in their own personal way be it social media, public speaking, video creations, poetry, rapping or preaching. There is no limit to how they can raise their voice it is just important that we empower them to do so.
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