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French I   

Parlez-vous français? Lets begin speaking French as of this semester! Learn how to ask for directions, order food, make a reservation, ask about the weather, buy everyday items at boulangeries and markets. Use your French to navigate your everyday life in a French speaking country. Each meeting will have a cultural focus so that we cover the basics of the language and culture. Students will be asked to come up with their own desired goals and topics as well. Our meetings will be relaxed and fun and each student will be able to communicate at a basic level at the end of this course. Allons-y!! Let’s start!!

This course is designed to promote very beginning oral communication. Vocabulary in context, grammar, and cultural units will be covered. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to greet and introduce themselves to others, to tell time and at what time and event takes place, to describe weather conditions, to recognize French words based on their similarity to English words, to talk about personality/ physical traits, to discuss what people do using the regular present tense of –er, -ir, & -re verbs, to express how people are feeling, their physical and emotional states, and their location, to use comparisons to specify which of two people, places, or things has a lesser, equal, or greater degree of a particular quality, and finally students will learn how to express possession. 

  • French I

  • REGISTRATION FOR THIS CLASS IS CLOSED. This class is already in session.
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  • Fee: $199.00

  • Instructor: Fawzia Ahmad

  • Dates: 5/4/2024 - 7/6/2024

    Times: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

  • Sessions: 10

    Days: Sa

  • Building: Main Building

    Room: 3690

  • ACC On-Campus Course: Littleton Campus




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