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Chancery Hand Calligraphy   

Calligraphy, from the Greek "Calli and Graphic" literally means "beautiful writing". Chancery Hand is the first recognized calligraphic style of writing. You will learn everything from how to hold the pen to achieve the unique look of the Chancery Hand letters, to how to care for the pen so that it will serve you well for as long as you pursue the art of Calligraphy! 

  • Chancery Hand Calligraphy

  •  Show Description


  • Dates: 3/7/2024 - 4/11/2024

    Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  • Instructor: Evette Goldstein

  • Fee: $129.00

  • Sessions: 6

    Days: Th

  • $65 Material Fee

    ACC On Campus Course: Littleton Campus

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