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Intro to ASL   

Introduction to ASL is a one-time class designed for students to use in the workplace or other social encounters with the Deaf Community.  This Introduction to ASL class is an overview full of information but only includes a little practice time.  Additional resources are suggested.  Students can take the vocabulary and cultural understanding into the community for interactions with the Deaf.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  This course is designed as an introduction to American Sign Language and American Deaf Culture.  The main concepts and lessons in this class include:  differences between ASL and English, a brief history of ASL, the basics of Deaf Culture, proper terminology in the Deaf Community, the five parameters of signs, facial expression and Non-Manual Signs, the syntax and timing for asking questions, and Name Signs.
Vocabulary in this course focuses on very basic conversational signs:  introductions, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, fingerspelling (the manual alphabet), question words, and numbers 0-10.

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