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Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person    NEW!

Are you Highly Sensitive or Empathic? Do you wonder if you're being affected by your environment and people around you? If so, this workshop is for you! You'll discover which of your sensitivities are more pronounced and how you can learn to use them as super powers. Navigating the world as a sensitive individual can be challenging, but it can also be empowering. In this workshop you’ll learn how to step into your powerful abilities without fear or anxiety.
You'll also learn effective ways of grounding and protecting your energy including the use of breath work and crystals, how to use your gift to navigate your everyday world with confidence and how to use your empathic abilities as a springboard to increase your psychic awareness.

  • Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

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  • Dates: 6/15/2023 - 6/15/2023

    Times: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Instructor: Hope Hughes

  • Fee: $59.00

  • Sessions: 1

    Days: Th

  • ACC On Campus Course: Littleton Campus