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Paramedic Refresher   

The goal of the Paramedic Refresher course is to provide a review of content and skills required for certificate renewal at the paramedic level. Included is 50 hours of instruction, including lab time. The course meets or exceeds all National Continued Competency Program and the Colorado Paramedic certificate renewal requirements. It is designed to refresh and reinforce previous knowledge and explore new concepts. The instructors provide clinically relevant information to help providers stay current on the latest medical and trauma management methods. This course is also an excellent opportunity to network with other Paramedics from across the region. Your eligibility to re-certify must be verified by you with the National Registry and the State of Colorado. If you are admitted into the Paramedic Refresher course, Arapahoe Community College EMS makes no guarantee of your ability to recertify through National Registry or the State of Colorado. For more information on course content, please call Dennis Edgerly at 303.797.5213 or email  

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