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> Yoga Teacher Certification Training

Yoga Teacher Certification Training   

ACC Yoga Teacher Training Program

This program supports healing and self-discovery. You will learn trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation practices, philosophy, anatomy, ethics, and professional essentials. Our school methodology is rooted in Hatha Yoga, Sri Vidya Tantra, and Buddhism – focusing equally on the energetic and physical aspects of healing art traditions.

Our mission is to empower you as a lifelong yoga practitioner so you can foster a deeper connection with yourself, and become an advocate for peace and liberation in your community. When you graduate from our program, you will feel confident and prepared to share your wisdom with the world.

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Want to Learn More About ACC's Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Join us for a Virtual Information Session on July 27th at 5PM! Learn about this unique brand new program, explore your options, and hear from the lead instructor Maria Borghoff and ACC representatives.

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Choose Your Own Path..

Option 1: Dip Your Toes - Enroll in a single online course (10-15 credit hours) to get a taste of what teacher training is all about.

Option 2: Deep Dive - Enroll in multiple courses at once and accumulate 200+ credit hours. You will receive a Certificate of Graduation at the end of your journey to qualify as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

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Course Number Key Curriculum Hours
CORE-01 Hatha Yoga Foundations 15
CORE-02 Restorative Yoga & Paranayama 15
CORE-03 Mantra & Mudra Meditation 15
CORE-04 Yoga Nidra & Conscious Sleep 15
CORE-05 Prana Vayus & Conscious Sleep 15
Total Techniques, Training, & Practices 75
PHYS-01 Yoga Anatomy & Physiology 15
PHYS-02 Somatics & Biomechanics 15
Total Anatomy & Physiology 30
HUM-01 Bhakti Yoga & Goddess Psychology 15
HUM-02 Karma Philosophy & Ethics 15
Total Yoga Humanities 30
PRO-01 Art of Teaching Yoga 10
PRO-02 Dharma Pedagogy 10
PRO-03 Voice and Studio Practicum 10
PRO-04 Adaptive Yoga & Hands-On Assisting 10
PRO-05 Business of Yoga 10
Total Professional Essentials 50
Total Key Curriculum Hours 185
Course Number Electives Hours
ART-01 Life Drawing Foundations 15
ART-02 Songwriting and Audio Art 15
ART-03 Weaving & Fiber Sculpture 15
ART-04 Ritual and Formal Critique 10
ART-05 Healing Artist Residency 30
Total Techniques, Training, & Practices 85
HOL-01 Chakras & Healing Art 15
HOL-02 The Elements of Emotions 10
HOL-03 Ecotherapy & Expressive Arts 15
HOL-04 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 15
HOL-05 Neuroscience of Trauma 15
Total Techniques, Training, & Practices 70
PHIL-01 Ayurveda & Samkhya Philosophy 15
PHIL-02 Sound of Healing & Kundalini 15
PHIL-03 Partner Yoga & Communication 15
PHIL-04 Bodhisattva Mediation 15
PHIL-05 Fertility Yoga & Mental Health 15
Total Techniques, Training, & Practices 75
Total Elective Hours 230


For registration and questions, call 303.797.5722; or reach out to us via email, with any questions or concerns.