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Emerging Leader Ascent   

Estimated length: 23 hours
Access Time: 9 weeks
Credits: None
Price: $800

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Become a leader worth following.

The Emerging Leader Ascent is a peer-based leadership experience that’s entirely remote and entirely affordable. Designed to fit the budgets, schedules, and lifestyles of busy people leaders, this nine-week program requires just 2–3 hours of work each week.

Students who participate in the Emerging Leader Ascent receive:

  • An Emerging Leader Assessment and personalized Emerging Leader Analysis full of insights about your leadership styles, strengths, and areas to focus your growth
  • Peer group matching with 5–7 high-achieving new managers
  • Professional group facilitation by a certified coach
  • A seamless 9-week experience that requires just 2–3 hours of work each week

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Not your grandpa’s corporate training.

This is program is not a...

☓ Canned, one-size-fits-all approach
☓ Dry, overpriced academic option
☓ Click-through e-learning program

See how an unparalleled, impactful learning experience really works. It starts with creating the right environment for meaningful growth

Learn with your peers

Not only is learning by yourself boring and isolating, neuroscience tells us it’s also ineffective. Lead Belay thoughtfully matches participants with a small group of other high-performers—people from different organizations and backgrounds with similar challenges.

Actionable tools

We only cover the stuff you can apply right now. This means everything you learn and experience in your Emerging Leader Ascent is immediately actionable in the real world. We call this Monday morning impact.

Time to process

For concepts to really stick, we need time to process and try things out in the real world. This program requires just 2–3 hours of work each week over nine weeks, so you get the support and skills you need on a schedule that works with your lifestyle.

Professional coaching

Learn from your peers and a professional leadership coach. An experienced, dedicated coach guides each group, leading discussions, meaningful conversations, and experiential learning activities.

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“You get to know people quite quickly and have this intimate space of trust."
– Natalie F.

"I think it's fantastic to have an opportunity to connect with like minded people, but with different backgrounds. I didn't have to sugar-coat things. People saw me really be myself."
– Sonny W.

“It was a transformational experience for me...You were able to pull people together from different parts of the world and get them to open up and share what they're facing. It was very powerful."
– Steve G.

"I thought it was hands down the best leadership development program I've been through in my career. It's the first one that I walked away with useful things that I can actually use in my day to day."
– Tamar G.

"It's a great program…I walked away with a lot of tools that really help."
– Kenny A.

Upcoming programs:

  • August 23–October 22, 2021
  • September 20–November 19, 2021
  • October 11 – December 17, 2021 (no sessions the week of November 22)2021
  • November 8, 2021 – February 4, 2022 (no sessions the weeks of November 22, December 20 & 27, and Jan 3)
  • January 11 - March 10, 2022

Please Note:

  • This program is nine weeks long
  • You should plan on attending all the meetings (so if a vacation is in your future, please take that into account!)
  • Your meetings will take place over Zoom, on the same day and at the same time each week
  • Meetings are between 60 and 90 minutes long

Refund policy

You may request a refund up to five days from the purchase date. The registration fee will only be refunded if less than 10% of the course has been completed.

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