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All Teen College   

These courses are curated for students age 14-18. Classes run Monday-Friday and are half days unless otherwise noted. Register for both AM and PM options to make the perfect day for your camper! Registering for AM and PM comes with free lunch bunch registration. All classes are scheduled to be held on ACC's Littleton campus with virtual alternatives should situations change, unless otherwise noted.

Art and Design
Art Experience Workshop FULL DAY
ACC's HIVE Makerspace FULL DAY
Chair Week at HIVE Makerspace FULL DAY
Tiny Home Design
Beautifully Crafted Knitting For All Ages
Mixed Media
Introduction to internal Combustion Engines

School Refreshers and Study Skills
Algebra I
Algebra II
Build Your Own Voice!
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens
SAT Math
SAT English
Adulting 101
Improve Your Study Skills

For registration and questions, call 303.797.5722; or reach out to us via email, with any questions or concerns.