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Winter 3-Week Courses   

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Birth of American Modernist Photography - From Gallery 291 to Group f.64
Instructor: Gary Smaby, BA
Course Date(s) & Time: 3/13/2024 - 3/27/2024, W, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Fee: $30.00
Location: Oliphant Auditorium, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, 37500 Cook St Palm Desert, CA 92211 
This art history course explores the 1930s cultural and stylistic clash between East and West Coast artist/photographers who espoused divergent views on photography as an art form. The course will focus on the work of renowned artists and photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keefe, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams, as well as the influences of a tangled web of muses, critics and patrons. The course format will incorporate lecture, projected images, documentary clips as well as an opportunity to view actual works of art in a gallery or museum setting.

Food: Ordinary, Surprising & Amazing
Instructor: Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D.
Course Date(s) & Time: 3/12/2024 - 3/26/2024, Tu, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Fee: $30.00
Location: ZOOM

Uncover the multifaceted world of "Food: Ordinary, Surprising, Amazing!" Beyond basic sustenance, food influences culture, health, and emotion. This course explores food diversity, freshness, the balance between domestic and imported fare, food safety, processing, transportation, and the art of cooking. Moreover, we delve into the intriguing realm of how what we eat impacts our mood and well-being. Discover the sensory and emotional dimensions of food. This culinary journey promises to enrich your gastronomic experiences, making you see food not only as sustenance but as a key player in shaping our lives. Join us and savor the extraordinary in the ordinary.


So, You Think You Know What Love Is?
Instructor: Kenneth Zanca, PhD
Course Date(s) & Time: 3/12/2024 - 3/26/2024, Tu, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific Time
Fee: $30.00
Location: 205, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, 37500 Cook St Palm Desert, CA 92211 

When was the last time you changed your thinking on love, loving, and being loved? Do you think about it today the way you did 5, 10 years ago? What fresh insights have you had on understanding this very human, very complex activity of the heart and mind? In this course, we will think about what we think about this subject, drawing on classical and contemporary Philosophy and World Religions, Science, and our own experience.


The Search for an American Sound
Instructor: Emanuel Abramovits, M.B.A.
Course Date(s) & Time: 3/19/2024 - 4/2/2024, Tu, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific Time
Fee: $30.00
Location: ZOOM

Since the 1890s, when Americans were beginning to develop their own traditions in classical music, composers have recognized the dilemma of creating the American sound. This course will explore how not only classical musicians, but also Broadway and Hollywood composers of different origins and ethnicities alternated in creating a sound that has been defined as evocative of these lands and its people. Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, William Grant Steel, Florence Price, Alex North, Elmer Bernstein and others will be the protagonists of this lecture, supported with audiovisuals and anecdotes.


Was the Supreme Court Right?
Instructor: Michael Worsoff
Course Date(s) & Time: 3/16/2024 - 3/30/2024, Sa, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Fee: $30.00
Location: Oliphant Auditorium, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, 37500 Cook St Palm Desert, CA 92211 

Stay engaged with this thought-provoking course, "Was the Supreme Court Right?" a comprehensive examination of recent landmark rulings. We'll dissect pivotal cases like Dobbs v. Mississippi (redefining reproductive rights), the Harvard University Admissions case (affirmative action), and the Colorado wedding website case (LGBTQ+ rights). Our expert lecturer will demystify the Court's rationale, exploring majority and minority viewpoints. Engage in lively, interactive discussions where your questions are encouraged. Gain profound insights into these decisions' legal and social impact. Join us for an insightful journey into the heart of the U.S. legal system, exploring how it shapes contemporary society.


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Reader's Theater
 Show Description
Instructor: Jeff Fisher Fee: $30.00
Course Dates & Time: W, 3/13/2024 - 3/27/2024, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
# Weeks:
Location: Room: 307, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, 37500 Cook St Palm Desert, CA 92211

Reader’s Theatre is a no-stress way to enjoy drama without any drama! No memorization and no acting skills are required. This will be a three-week course in Reader’s Theater culminating in a fourth date for a public performance in the Oliphant Auditorium. We’ll concentrate on one short comedy play. This course will present a way of exploring characters, dialogue, and emotions through the power of one’s voice and imagination. This course is perfect for theater enthusiasts, storytellers, and anyone intrigued by the idea of bringing life to the written word through expressive reading. There is no pre-requisite for this class.


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