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  • Birds of Jetty Island (19367)
  • Presented by Penny Rose
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    1 Th, 7/18/2024 - 7/18/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom
    (link emailed two days prior to class)
    Fee: $75.00

    Join us for a birding adventure in Everett at one of the richest birding areas accessible by ferry. Jetty Island hosts shorebirds, terns, flycatchters, sparrows, and Osprey abound. Students will catch a morning ferry on Saturday, July 20th and explore the island on foot. The focus will be on identification and enjoyment of all the species and island supports. The Zoom session on July 18th will be prep for the Saturday visit. Please note: The ferry fee is not included in the course fee. 

    Please note: This class also includes a day trip to Jetty Island on Saturday, July 20th.


  • Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) Walking Ancient Sites of Europe (19061)
  • Presented by Vsevolod Rzhondkovsky
    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    6 Sa, 7/13/2024 - 8/17/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom

    Fee: $75.00

    Whether you like learning about other people, their language, history, or culture, this class featuring Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) just might be for you! Learn the ins and outs of exploring this European vacation destination. From selecting the right equipment for light travel to identifying and navigating the route that suits you, the best places to visit, eat and more will be covered.


  • Summer Painting Series (19052)
  • Presented by Erick Rodriguez
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    5 W, 7/24/2024 - 8/21/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom
    (link emailed two days prior to class)
    Fee: $199.00

    Join the online Summer Painting Series and create a gallery of artwork! In each session, students will paint a different summer-themed art piece with step-by-step instructions using acrylic paints. Students will learn techniques and best practices to nurture the artists in all of them, learn interesting facts about the weekly painting subjects, and gain confidence to explore painting and artistic freedom further! All levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary! See the Supply List for class materials. 


  • Summer Photography Challenge (19049)
  • Presented by Karen Ulvestad
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    4 Tu, 7/16/2024 - 8/6/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom
    (link emailed two days prior to class)
    Fee: $119.00

    Delve into photography and explore new techniques. Approach the "everyday" through a creative focus. Discover new perspectives and compositional approaches to creating artistic photographs. This is accomplished through learning exposure, lighting, and editing. There will be lectures, examples, and weekly assignments. The instructor will critique assignments and help students grow in their knowledge of photography. Some topics covered include: Beaches/Beach Scenes, Sunset (getting the right colors), People (single & group), and Travel. 


  • Let's Write a Mystery (19057)
  • Presented by Leslie Hall
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    2 W, 7/10/2024 - 7/17/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom

    Fee: $65.00

    A mystery is a story that has some form of a crime at the heart, often a murder or other "significant" crime. Readers love to try and solve the puzzle the writer creates. So how do we write one? This workshop with cover sub-genres of mystery, mystery characters, how to plant clues and red herrings, how to plan the crime and set up suspects, plus pulling it all together into a page turner. 


  • French from France: Putting Our French to Work (19062)
  • Presented by Louise Morehead
    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    6 Sa, 7/13/2024 - 8/17/2024
    Location: ONLINE via Zoom

    Fee: $138.00

    Learners in this class are eager to put their French to work in discussion. While there is no particular plan for teaching grammar in the class, quick review will be provided where necessary. Grammar help can be found by accessing materials from previous study or on-line search. We will search subjects of interest in French online and report to the class, speak of what we love to do, what we have done in the past few days, and what the weeks ahead have in store for us. This is a French II Plus class for those who are ready to travel and want to test their skills, or those who have been to a French-speaking country and would like to tell us all about it. 


  • Introduction to Voiceovers (19056)
  • Presented by Voices for All
    12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
    0 , 7/1/2024 - 8/22/2024
    Location: EDONL
    Fee: $49.00

    Explore the craft of voiceovers! Discover current trends, opportunities, and tools you need to find success in this growing remote working industry. Read a real script and receive coaching from your instructor, a professional voice actor, to improve your delivery. This is a one-time, 90-minute, one-on-one, video-chat class for students 18 and over. After registering, you will be contacted by Voices for All (VFA) to schedule your class for a day and time of your convenience. Learn more at

    Number of Sessions: 0 Online - Arranged


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