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Animal Sentience and Intelligence: Exploring Interactions Among Humans and Other Animals (Mondays, 11:00am-1:00pm)   NEW!

This course will explore the body of knowledge about animal sentience and intelligence and the implications of human interactions with other animals. Topics covered in this course include: • History of animal domestication and exploitation, including the use of animals in agriculture, clothing, entertainment and sports, research, vivisection and product testing • Cultural and social forces driving human views of other animals • Spiritual and religious aspects of human-animal interactions • Concepts of speciesism, animal consciousness, and privilege, and how these concepts have influenced human civilizations and treatment of animals • Similarities between subjugation of humans and subjugation of animals • Recent scientific breakthroughs in the study of animal sentience and intelligence • Parallels among social justice movements, including civil rights, feminism and animal rights

Suggested Reading: Animal Liberation, Peter Singer • Bleating Hearts, Mark Hawthorne

Maximum Class Size: 110.


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