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Dreams - Origins and Meanings (3-week class begins 10/10) (Tuesdays, 9:00am-11:00am)   NEW!

Dreams have been a mystery since the beginning of communication among humankind. “Why do we dream?” Scientists and mystics differ in their answer to this question. Scientists tend to see dreams as a communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. Mystics may suggest it is a communication between the divine and the human realm. Does everyone dream? The consensus of those who study dreams is generally “Yes,” but not everyone remembers dreaming, and some insist that they never dream. Questions that will be addressed in this course include “What is a dream? How many different types of dreams are there? Can we control our dreams? Do dreams foretell the future? How can I learn to interpret my dreams?” Members of the class will be invited to share their dream experiences if they choose to do so.

Suggest Reading: Jungian Dream Interpretation - James A. Hall, M.D. Conscious Dreaming - Robert Moss The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding - Betty B. Hall, M.D.

Maximum Class Size: 58.


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