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Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Wednesdays, 2:00pm-4:00pm)  

Join us for a lively discussion of topics tangentially related to Lewis Carroll’s "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland." It will be a truly mad, Mad, MAD Tea Party: with sense and nonsense, meaning and word games, self-reference and “An After Dinner Speech on After Dinner Speaking,” all served on fine china, with flatware, linens and table decorations. Enjoy six afternoons of tinkling tea cups and texts on treacle tears, big bangs, gestalt numbers, genetic epistemology and homemade butters and jams, clotted creams and curds, fruit conserves, and the nature and history of mathematics. Quaff logic and set theory. Devour dainty little finger sandwiches. Partake of pastries and post-modernism, tarts, sub-atomic particles and other exquisite delicacies. Engage in uncountable conversations with Prof. Paradox "At the Limits of Socially Acceptable Intercourse with Three Sisters" (which has been known to lead to infinite regresses, strange loops, and identity disorders).

Suggesed Reading: Mad Tea Party guests may want to read from Lewis Carroll’s "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" and/or "Through the Looking Glass" prior to the first meeting. Once enrollment is completed and a class roster has been established (prior to the first meeting), party goers will receive an email greeting/invitation. The invitation will include a week 1 menu, a questionnaire (to determine guests’ food preferences/restrictions), and a few pages of suggested reading for week 1. The theme of the first party will be the life and works of Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll. At the first party, an outline of the entire course will be provided, along with optional readings for week 2. Subsequent weekly suggested readings will be distributed electronically (and/or physically).

Maximum Class Size: 18.


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