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Advanced Tactical and Survival Skills for Police Motorcycle Officers   

This primary purpose of this course is to provide you with techniques to improve your chances of surviving a “shots fired” situation. We will teach you how to use your motorcycle for cover while rehearsing tactical maneuvers. You will practice returning fire around and through your motorcycle to improve your shooting skills. Using advanced scenarios, we will challenge you to react to a variety of circumstances.

Throughout the course, you will learn to identify and control bias situations and improve officer safety. We will also demonstrate how roadside interviews during non-threatening traffic stops can lead to the discovery of other crimes. The skills learned during this training may help you survive another day.

Topics Include

  • Proper positioning of a motorcycle during a traffic stop
  • Immediate reaction to “shot’s fired” at motorcycle officers
  • Firing back at adversaries around and through a motorcycle
  • Immediate use of the motorcycle for cover and concealment
  • Shooting techniques for solo and pair riding
  • Dispelling the belief that a motorcycle will not stop rounds
  • Techniques to use when talking to drivers during a traffic stop
  • Deceptive body language used by suspicious people during traffic stops


Active agency motorcycle unit officers

This class is restricted to active law enforcement.

Course Length

24 hours


You must have successfully completed a certified police motorcycle rider course, or its equivalent, given by an approved police motorcycle instructor.

What to Bring


  • Your department-issued motorcycle, currently assigned to you, or a similar motorcycle approved by IPTM for range and street riding exercises. The bike should be in good condition and have a pre-course maintenance check.
  • On-duty weapon and holster rig
  • Rain gear
  • Boots that cover your ankle or dress boots
  • Riding gloves
  • Light or heavy jacket (depending on weather)
  • Eye protection/sunglasses
  • Approved helmet
  • Ample supply of jeans/casual wear
  • Body armor (vest)
  • Four hundred (400) rounds of ammunition. One hundred (100) of which should be frangible rounds. If you or your agency is unable to provide frangible rounds, bring what you normally use in firearms training.


  • Athletic cup for protection


You will be required to sign a waiver of responsibility. This class is limited to 18 students.

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • ”Outstanding course. Top notch instructors - very professional and vast experience” – Sgt. E.N.
  • “Learning from the amount of cover and concealment the motor gives you when it’s all you have
    was most beneficial” – Cpl. D.K.
  • “Practical exercises, using the motorcycle for cover and course work with cones was very beneficial.” – Ofc. D.L.


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