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Advanced Riding Skills for Police Motorcycle Officers   

This course will provide you with advanced techniques to improve your riding skills during various law enforcement functions. We will begin by conducting refresher exercises and self-assessments to demonstrate the importance of ongoing crash avoidance. You will improve your riding proficiency through a series of progressively complex exercises where unique training aids and surface conditions will be introduced. We will also examine the major safety issues and hidden dangers of operating escorts and the process of special event planning and debriefings.

Throughout the course, our award-winning instructional team–as well as students from some of the nation’s top motor units–will share the latest motorcycle safety trends, training and legal issues.

Topics Include

  • Refresher exercises and riding techniques
  • Advanced motorcycle operations on unsteady surfaces
  • Group rides: Concepts, training, and hidden dangers
  • Advanced obstacle exercises
  • Pair riding and training techniques
  • Escorts: Concepts, safety, and training
  • Motorcycle operations around disruptive crowds
  • Special events planning and debriefing


Active agency motorcycle unit officers who have not attended advanced training or participated in motorcycle rodeo-type events

This course is restricted to active law enforcement.

Course Length

24 hours


You must have successfully completed a certified police motorcycle rider course, or its equivalent, given by an approved police motorcycle instructor.

What to Bring


  • Your department-issued motorcycle, currently assigned to you, or a similar motorcycle approved by IPTM for range and street riding exercises. The bike should be in good condition and have a pre-course maintenance check.
  • Rain gear
  • Boots that cover your ankle or dress boots
  • Riding gloves
  • Light or heavy jacket (depending on weather)
  • Eye protection/sunglasses
  • Approved helmet
  • Ample supply of jeans/casual wear


  • Athletic cup for protection


You will be required to sign a waiver of responsibility. This class is limited to 22 students.

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