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Police Motorcycle Instructor  

This course is intended for the police motorcycle officer responsible for motorcycle training within an agency. It will also assist you in upgrading your department's current motorcycle training program.

You will participate in skill developing exercises during the first week of instruction. You will then learn how to set-up programs in your department which will ensure that only the most capable officers are assigned to the motorcycle unit.

Prior to successful completion of the course, each instructor candidate will be evaluated on a timed obstacle course. In addition, you will participate in extended rides where you will be exposed to several different riding situations. Tactical shooting situations will be practiced and special problems in police motorcycle use will be addressed.

In addition, you will learn skills necessary to improve your peak performance in critical motorcycle operations such as alarm/stress response, tactical breathing, heart rate variability and visualization techniques.

You will be given special projects involving range layout, scheduling and setting-up a departmental training program. Instructor techniques will be discussed and a unit of instruction will be conducted which will be critiqued by the IPTM staff.

The course is designed for the operator of a two-wheel motorcycle with a minimum displacement of 500 cc.


Current motorcycle officers and academy instructors

Course Length

80 hours


You must be a good and current rider. You must have a motorcycle driver's license endorsement, if required by resident state. You must have successfully completed a certified police motorcycle rider course, or its equivalent, given by an approved police motorcycle instructor.

What to Bring


  • Your department-issued motorcycle, currently assigned to you, or a similar motorcycle approved by IPTM for range and street riding exercises. The bike should be in good condition and have a pre-course maintenance check.
  • On-duty weapon, holster rig and one dress uniform
  • Rain gear
  • Boots that cover your ankle or dress boots
  • Riding gloves
  • Light or heavy jacket (depending on weather)
  • Eyes and ears protection
  • Eye protection/sunglasses
  • Approved helmet
  • Ample supply of jeans/casual wear
  • Body armor (vest)
  • Four hundred (400) rounds of ammunition. One hundred (100) of which should be frangible rounds. If you or your agency is unable to provide frangible rounds, bring what you normally use in firearms training.


  • Athletic cup for protection


You will be required to sign a waiver of responsibility.

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Great track exercises.” – A.C.
  • “Great learning tools for the bag… great instructors.” – B.B.
  • “Outstanding instructors as well as class.” – J.P.
  • “The knowledge of the instructors was incredible.” – R.S.
  • “This course helped me hone in my riding skills and made me a better rider.” – R.L.
  • “I have been in law enforcement in the state of Florida for 27 years. This course was one of the best, challenging, and rewarding ones that I have taken.” – P.H.
  • "Can't wait to teach what I've learned from all of the instructors!" – Dep. Sheriff D.B.
  • "Great course. Learned a lot. Can't wait to implement what I learned." – Sr. P.O. M.W.


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