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Black Ash Market Basket   

The market basket will take you many places: from the market to the beach, from gatherings to the grocery stores. This course is an introduction to the awesome qualities of wood in various forms from the ash tree, which we will use for both weaving the basket and making the handles. Through scraping and cutting with knife and scissors, we will prepare the previously harvested and fully dried splint to create a basket measuring approximately 9"x9"x5". Working with shave horse and drawknife, we will then use riven wood blanks to bend a freshly harvested ash handle to insert into each basket, bringing the overall height to approximately 9”. Participants can expect to leave the class with a fully functioning and finished basket for everyday needs. Participants should have adequate hand strength and be comfortable with working with knives, scissors, and other sharp tools. The instructors will collect a materials fee of $80 from the students during class.  

Required Tools

All materials and tools will be provided to the students by the instructors; however, if you have a favorite scissor that cuts wood splint, a favorite whittling or carving knife or special sturdy clamps…feel free to bring them with you. A table complete with resource materials as well as a plethora of basket styles will be set up on site for further enhancement.

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