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Mushroom & Fungi: A Closer Look   


If you've scratched the surface of mushroom identification, you probably have realized that it's a far more complex subject than simply naming toadstools—these are some of the living organisms we know the least about, a whole ecosystem of mystery. For those students who would like a deeper understanding of the fungal world, and are ready for a more academic dive into the subject of fungi, we offer this one-day jump into the deep end. In this course, students will explore the fungal kingdom with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the differentiations in fungal reproduction, aspects of morphological characteristics, and the differing roles that fungi play in the environment.

This course “may” include fieldwork in addition to classroom/lab work depending upon conditions.

Required Tools

  • Participants should wear clothing & footwear appropriate for a variety of field conditions, and bring a backpack with water, snacks and a lunch. Other personal items like sunscreen, bug spray and rain jacket may be advisable.
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