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Krympburkar: Scandinavian-Style Shrink Boxes   

The shrink box is a wooden container that relies on a simple trick: freshly cut (green) wood and dry (seasoned) wood behave differently. The body of the vessel is made from green wood that changes in size as it dries (putting the “shrink” in shrink box). The bottom of the vessel is made of dry wood. As the green wood dries out, it shrinks, tightens, and locks around the dry bottom. Though they are called boxes, these containers are typically cylindrical because they are commonly made from hollowed tree branches. Centuries ago, the Vikings made tight-fitting lids for shrink boxes and used them for storing salt and spices. 

Making shrink boxes is an excellent new direction for folks familiar with decorative woodcarving who want to dip their toes into green woodworking, or for spoon and bowl carvers looking to develop a supplemental skill set while using up more of the material of these precious trees. Once you start carving them, you won’t want to stop.

Required Tools

  • Your favorite carving knife and small carving tools
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