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Handwoven Towel Sampler   

A handwoven towel makes a great project: not too big, not too small, very useful and lovely to look at. And, there’s an endless amount of design choices! This class offers weavers a chance to make a collection of towel samples of different patterns and materials in one weekend by working round robin style on 8 different looms. The instructor will bring pre-wound warps of different materials including linen, cottolin and cotton. Students will warp the looms following a selection of patterns for 4, 6, or 8 harnesses. Some of the patterns we will explore include: M’s &  O’s, Summer & Winter, Log Cabin, Twill, Halvdral, and Shadow Weave. We’ll also practice different finishing techniques. Sampling can be expensive and time consuming, which makes this type of group experience a great way to try lots of different techniques in a short amount of time. Students interested in this course should be able to warp a loom with minimal assistance and weave independently. 

Required Tools

All required tools/materials are provided by your instructor and North House and will
be available once the course begins.

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