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Woven: Traditional Swedish Table-Made Hair Bracelet   

Beautiful objects can be made with common and unusual renewable resources. Hairwork, an almost forgotten form and a unique jewelry making folk art, uses one of these resources: human hair. This type of art form is loaded with Scandinavian history and culture. Imagine traveling in the mid-1800s from a Swedish county village to St. Petersburg or London during the winter to make hair jewelry for urban citizens. In this course, students will learn how to set up and make four patterns on a traditionally-inspired  hairwork table. They will discover the multi-regional cultural impact of this popular 1800s adornment practice through artifacts, literature, and story. Careful work will result in lovely and intricate braids to assemble a handmade human hair bracelet. This was a common and highly valued practice for many skilled women from Sweden, especially those from Våmhus, Sweden, the only village that, to this day, has kept this art form alive for over 200 years. Learn more about this unique art form and fascinating cultural history in this Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon course open to those ages 15+. Note to returning students: new braid patterns and a new process to finish bracelets will be offered in this course. 

Materials fee: $15-$30, depending on materials used, will be payable directly to the instructor during class. 

Optional Tools

  • Your favorite embroidery scissors
  • Instructor will provide horse and human hair to use during the course. If an individual wishes to bring hair to the class, please make sure it is at least 12” long. A hank of hair about ¾-1”’ in diameter is sufficient.
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