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Belt Making: Forge and Stitch   

Sure, there are many ways to keep your pants on, but a handmade belt and hand-forged buckle is arguably the coolest way. Learn blacksmithing and leatherwork in this unique course offering. The first two days students will be in the forge learning basic techniques while making at least two different style belt buckles. Students will start off with Nordic Viking and Celtic-style belt buckles and move on to more modern designs the second day, learning about finishes. The third day, students will jump into the world of leatherworking, making belts from vegetable-tanned leather. Students will learn about cutting, thinning, riveting, and finishing leather with various techniques and tools. Some tooling and stamping of the leather will be optional. To practice and learn these leather techniques, students will also make a leather key chain. After this, you’ll never get caught with your pants down.

Required Tools

  • Close toed shoes 
  • Hair tie for long hair 
  • All cotton clothing 

Optional Tools

  • Any personal hand tools 
  • PPE (gloves, eye/ear protection)
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