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Craft of Sail   

Spend a day aboard the Hjørdis and learn the basics of sailing a 50’ gaff-rigged schooner on Lake Superior. This course offers a mix of in-class preparation and on-the-water experience: topics include points of sail, seamanship, rope-work, sailing terminology, and boat handling technique. Wind, weather, and waves vary greatly on Lake Superior, and students will take an active part in evaluating the prevailing conditions; the sailing experience will be tailored accordingly. No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and get out on the water.

Required Tools

  1. Warm layers and rain gear (conditions vary by the minute on Lake Superior).
  2. Good shoes
  3. Hat and sunglasses
  4. …and keep an eye on the forecast!

Optional Tools

To get the most out of this class, please read The Craft of Sail by Jan Adkins, Invitation to Sailing by Alan Brown or some other reference on the basics of sailing (and bring it with you to class). The North House School Store often has these publications on hand; call to inquire.

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