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Introduction to Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork   

Beadwork uses simple tools but has tremendous scope for creativity and complexity. When looking at the work of the masters, it is easy to under-estimate how much time and patience is required. This course is designed to build basic skills so that students will feel confident in starting a larger project on their own. Join Anishinaabe artist Marcie McIntire for an introduction to a variety of skills and techniques used in traditional beading. The materials fee covers needles, small leather pieces, and a variety of beads.

Required Tools

  • Thread scissors (craft scissors works too)
  • Matches or lighter

Optional Tools

  • Reading glasses if you use them
  • Pliers
  • Participants like to take detailed notes may want to bring their own supplies for writing and drawing. Otherwise pens and pencils will be available.
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