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Introduction to Handmade Brushes   

In this class we will use a combination of hand and power tools to craft brushes with uses ranging from cleaning off a workbench, lettering calligraphy, applying make-up, decorating ceramics, and much more! We will work with a variety of traditional brush fibers from plants and animals and cover the range and usefulness of each fiber. Multiple methods for constructing brushes will also be addressed. Students may bring their creativity or stick to tradition—this class will be a perfect environment for both learning the fundamentals and thinking outside the box! This course welcomes students ages 16+.

Optional Tools

  • Carving knife
  • Gouges & Chisels
  • Chip Carving Knife

Note from Instructor

A selection of materials will be supplied by the instructor, but please feel free to bring any uniquely figured wood, old brushes that need revamping, pet fur to use for your brush fiber, or anything else that might be re-created into a brush.

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